Stegosaurus, rocks

I really don’t understand how people can choose to fall for palaeontologists and their stories.
In other words, a palaeontologist tells a story and no one is questioning them.

1. They find some stones ( I understand this)
2. They build a skeleton made out of those stones (at this point I am lost) 
3. They use their imagination to determine what a skeleton looks like. (lost to the point of no return)

How can someone, anyone, think that those pentagonally shaped plates have to belong on top of a vertebrae shaped rock? It’s not like they had an example that suggests this.

At first, it was claimed that these vertebrae plates are a form of protection.
This is such a silly idea. There is absolutely no need for ‘spine protection.’
You know why not?
Because your spine will already protect the vulnerable places of your body.
So why would you need plates on top of that?

I guess the protection theory was even too much for other palaeontologists because they changed their minds about the purpose of these plates.
They now have made the claim that these plates are used as prehistoric solar panels.
Yes, they actually believe these plates can heat up a body.
Do they not hear themselves while they make such claims?
Do they not hear how silly this idea is?
How many living animals do you know with similar plates on their spine?

That’s right, none!

Now add the butt brain theory to this pile of rocks and the “stegosaurus” is the most ridiculous so-called dinosaur of them all.


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