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“Creatures that DID live in the prehistoric era”
Episode 1



“Creatures that DID live in the prehistoric era”

I like to start with snails.

Snails are fragile creatures.
A change in temperature in their environment, for example, a long dry period, can easily dry them out. Snails need a moist environment.
That’s why you see so many snails after rain.

When I was a child I had a nasty boy next door that liked to put salt on snails. He loved to see how the salt dissolved the snails. This shows how fragile snails are.

And yet these creatures managed to be part of nature for millions of years.

Some dinophiles claim that when a meteor hit earth it caused dinosaurs to go extinct. Not only because of the impact of the blow but also because the climate changed.

Snails easily survived this. We all know this because snails all still alive.

Q: Are snails dinosaurs because they lived in the prehistoric era?

A: No, they are not!

Q: Did dinosaurs ever exist?

A: No, they did not!

If they did, they would have been able to survive the change in their environment like snails did.

By believing that dinosaurs did exist but weren’t capable to survive a change of environment you are basically saying that the ” O so mighty dinosaurs” weren’t mightier than snails!

Curious what creature I will be talking about in episode 2?

I’ll give you a hint “dragons” are part of it.

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