A Christian mother from an unnamed school spoke out against dinosaurs and called them a “bad example” for growing children.

The mother said in a Mumsnet post that, “[a]side from the educational, aspect dinosaurs are a very bad example for children”.

She claimed that another student at her child’s school become “bestially-minded” and pretended to be a dinosaur, eventually proceeding to physically assault three of his classmates, resulting in serious injuries to the students.

“One poor girl has been left with a severely dented nose and the whole class was left traumatised by this horrible display,” the mother said in the post.

The Mumsnet post then went on to say that there is nothing about dinosaurs that are suitable for children and the concerned mother highlighted the prehistoric beasts’ supposed “lack of family values”, as well as their “non-existence from a scientific point of view.”

The post then lamented that a “dinosaur lie” continues to be taught in schools even after a study of Darwin’s theory of evolution supposedly proved that the dinosaurs did not exist. “Any proper look at the facts will reveal that dinosaurs simply never existed,” she maintained, calling the science behind the creatures “flimsy.”

Some Christians who believe in Young Earth science do not support the theory of evolution and the widely accepted claims of modern science, including the age of the universe, the Earth and the existence of dinosaurs.  Others believe that the theory of evolution itself eliminates the possibility of dinosaurs.  An article at Humans Are Free, titled “9 Scientific Facts Prove the ‘Theory of Evolution’ is False” claimed that dinosaurs did not exist because there were no transitional species that the dinosaurs could have evolved from.

According to the Mumsnet post, the Christian mother and other individuals have launched a signature campaign at her child’s school to have dinosaurs removed from the curriculum. The headmaster of the school, whom she described as “so sympathetic” to her cause, apparently heard their complaint and will reportedly carry on the campaign to the governor.

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