Perhaps no other source for fake fossils has posed such a problem as exists today with fossils from China. The fake Chinese fossil market is becoming increasingly sophisticated and changing so rapidly that any fossil now originating in China should be approached with caution. This is just the tip of a massive and growing “iceberg”.

Land of the rising fakes

Each year, thousands of trusting buyers are duped by both inexpensive and very expensive, highly realistic fakes. More troubling, even scientists have fallen prey to the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Chinese fake fossil artists. In 1999, highly recognized scientists along with National Geographic magazine presented an amazing new discovery of a feathered dinosaur discovered in the Liaoning Province of China. The bird with a dinosaur’s tail was named ARCHAEORAPTOR. A year later, it was found to be a clever fake.

‘Missing link’ exposed

China has an immense scientific wealth of genuine fossil deposits. Despite SEVERE Chinese cultural property laws (up to and including the death penalty) that forbid the export or trade in fossils, one can see numerous Chinese fossils for sale in shops, shows, on fossil dealer websites and in online auctions such as EBay (consistently THE highest incidents of fraudulent auctions). With the threat of such strict laws, one has to wonder “How can there be so many Chinese fossil making out of the country?” Simple logic is all that is needed…. THEY ARE FAKES! The Chinese have found it easier (and safer) to just MAKE these fossils. There is no worry or risk to a Chinese dealer when they ship a fake out of the country!

China made

Most Chinese fossils are found in remote villages where extreme poverty is the norm. The financial rewards to fake or substantially fabricate rare fossils they are familiar with is akin to winning the lottery for most farmers in these regions. With a history and culture of incredible craftsmanship dating back to the Neolithic Age, today, the Chinese have focused their skills on mastering the fabrication of fossils. Each year, countless fake Chinese fossils of ALL kinds are sold to ignorant (and dishonest) fossil dealers who then in turn, sell to trusting customers. Many of these outright fakes have, and continue to, sell for thousands of dollars!


False Teachers and Their Destruction
2 Peter 2 1-22 

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