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Hello everybody,

I want to apologise for not keeping the website up to date.
It had to follow a crazy road to where I am now.
Luckily God stayed on my side the entire journey.
I can’t imagine where I would be up without Him, right now.

I am ready to pick up where we left off. CAD is still fighting the dinolie whenever, wherever and with many. And new people keep on joining us.

We fight the dinolie in all kind of ways.
Earlier today I was fighting Big Paleo in my own way.
I would like to share this story with you.

I spend my breaks outside of the office because I am a smoker.

In my lunch break today a mother and her 7-year-old son walked up to me and asked for directions to the museum with the dinosaurs.
I asked the mother if she agreed with me that science proofs the existence of dinosaurs. She agreed with me. Smart lady.

I had a 30 minutes break, sadly not long enough to educate this mother and her son about the dinolie. But because she agreed with me that science proofs the existence of dinosaurs I thought I would do her a big favour. I send her and her son to the museum of science and industry.

Her son thanked me with a hug and a kiss on my cheek. He was so excited to go and see the dinosaurs.

When they walked away he turned around and waved at me. I waved back and smiled. That boy is going to be so thankful when he realises that the science museum is really cool. Especially because they don’t lie about their exhibitions. And when he asks his mum where the dinosaurs are she will realise they never existed. Because there are no dinosaurs in the science and industry museum. She was looking for another museum. That museum is on Oxford road near the university.

What is completely the other way but I am happy to know I helped her to find the right path.

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