Christians Against Dinosaurs Refuse To Accept Reality | Opposing Views

Sometimes I read stuff and wonder if I am being pranked. One such story is about the group Christians Against Dinosaurs. That’s right, there is a group of Christians who believe that dinosaurs, or teaching about these prehistoric creatures, is a danger to our...

VIDEO: Explaining the Dinosaur Hoax with Fossils

Diving into the composition of fossils and showing exactly how easy it would be to build one using every day materials.

This Parent Group Wants to Take Dinosaurs Out of School Curriculum | PopSugar

Somewhere in the Friends universe, passionate paleontologist Ross Geller is crying a single, dinosaur-loving tear over this news: a group of Christian parents is lobbying to have dinosaur-related studies removed from public school science curriculum. "I'm sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on...





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2 days ago
@T_sprigg_Z @chipsrhys we don't question evolution. Evolution seems very plausible. Dinosaurs, however, had no place in that evolution. They are a C19th invention
2 days ago
@FanciestOfDinos @CarynLonz @JENuinelyHonest @ABCPolitics Come visit our Facebook group for links to research etc 🙂
2 days ago
RT @Bushzillafish: @justinjoebrown @fakefossils Sigh only an idiot will call this a Dinosaur. It has bones like a mammal. Mammal's bones ar…
2 days ago
@T_sprigg_Z @iTripDinosaurs @_ChaDKeeWes @C_DeLisle1 @esteewill @dumbwinks And how were science and physics created? We say by God