Christian Mom Protesting Dinosaurs, Bestiality In Schools | 2Paragraphs

"I am getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children," begins a rant by a disgruntled parent who thinks the science behind dinosaur discoveries is suspect. The post appears at the popular parenting site unhappy parent is part of a Facebook group...

Christian group to schools: Stop filling kids’ heads with dinosaurs | CNET

There are few things more amusing than prehistoric views about prehistory.I have been woken several times over the last couple of days with rumblings and tremblings about a group that has publicly questioned the very existence of dinosaurs and railed against the bestialization of...

VIDEO: Burn the propaganda!

I'm fed up with people who don't respect my belief.


“Christians Against Dinosaurs”: Parents Want Dino “Lies” Out of Schools ...

“I’m getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children,” is the first of many incredible lines of a post from “CADministry” – CAD referencing a group...




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1 month ago
@PardeepParmar4 @TakeThatHistory @AiG Satan corrupts the minds of humans so they turn to fraud and lies in order to feed their greed. That is the truth behind dinosaur fossils
1 month ago
The irony is sad 🙁 Many fossils are genuine & the fact is used to perpetuate the money-making myth of dinosaurs, which folk believe blindly
1 month ago
Sad how some people still need help understanding this 😓