Dinosaur Hoax: Ask a Christian

A little viewer Q & A on the dinosaur hoax.

VIDEO: Protecting Children from Dinosaur Corruption

Some of you know others don't but my boss decided to sell Dino related stuff. I DO NOT support this so I tried to quit. But he didn't except that. I took a lawyer to help me but he took advantage of the whole...

“Christians Against Dinosaurs”: Parents Want Dino “Lies” Out of Schools | Sputnik News

“I’m getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children,” is the first of many incredible lines of a post from “CADministry” – CAD referencing a group to which the user belongs, Christians Against Dinosaurs. She goes on to doubt the “flimsy” science behind the existence of dinosaurs, saying that they never...


Piltdown Man, Beringer’s lying stones, dinosaurs… are they all hoaxes? |...

The history of paleontology is littered with examples of famous frauds and fakes, often with eminent researchers in the field being thoroughly hoodwinked by...


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4 weeks ago
@BigAlexJones wherever #BigPaleo spread there lies, we will be there to shine a light of #truth #NoDinos
4 weeks ago
RT @thistallawkgirl: Imagine having a PhD in Environmental Studies and being told your work will be reviewed by people who believe Jesus wa…
4 weeks ago
@BigAlexJones put aside your doubts, and take a chance to absorb some new information 🙂
4 weeks ago
RT @JuryNullify420: @TetZoo not sure why people don't understand that dinosaurs never existed? A few teeth discovered in the 1850s and the…
4 weeks ago
@JackHarrisonPL haha! I wouldn't be surprised if the Paleo lobby strted pulling put stunts like that lol