The Origin Of Bone Fiddling

Owen, dinosaur
"Sir" Richard Owen The Bone Fiddler that "discovered" the first dinosaur bone, who headed and created a secret society with the end goal of providing elite paleontologists with additional personal revenue. The head council members created dinosaur bones made of materials of age that resemble...

Ancient Acutiramus

Acutiramus Cummingsi is a species of ancient sea scorpion that could reach more than 8 feet long and had claws the size of tennis rackets. It is the largest known arthropod in history. Acutiramus Cummingsi 

In their greed, these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories.

Perhaps no other source for fake fossils has posed such a problem as exists today with fossils from China. The fake Chinese fossil market is becoming increasingly sophisticated and changing so rapidly that any fossil now originating in China should be approached with caution. This is just the tip of...


Irate Christian parent: ‘I am getting sick and tired of dinosaurs...

A user on the parenting forum Mumsnet has been banned for hijacking conversations with complaints about “the dinosaur hoax” and its effects on children,...




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@EricRHadley @GrandeFormaggio Like you say, I have no proof on either count. Although I do believe that accessable oil resources are inadequate to keep up with humanity's current trajectory of demand

@EricRHadley @GrandeFormaggio The entire planet has a limited mass. Oil can only be a portion of that limited mass. Therefore it is limited.

@EricRHadley @GrandeFormaggio There are a few points that you don't have right. Oil came from prehistoric animals that DID exist (as opposed to dinosaurs), which is a finite resource that WILL run out (or be beyond our means of mining before we get that far)

@fakefossils @GrandeFormaggio The Thagomizer is the least made-up thing about dinosaurs.

@WineAndWin @Dixie_Yankee your friend is sadly deluded. Kindy direct them our way and we can assist

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