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New Christians Against Dinosaurs Website
Today we are excited to be launching our new and improved Christians Against Dinosaurs website.  This will be an ongoing project that we hope to build upon in order to help save people from the dinosaur lie through the love of Christ and by...

VIDEO: Christian Story Time, All My Friends Are Dead

The market for children's stories is currently flooded with dinosaur paraphernalia and indoctrination materials. This however is a story that teaches kids good moral values and the truth about the swindling big wig paleontologists that will gladly sell your children down the river to...

Dinosaurs are bad example for children, Christian mum says | Christian Today

A Christian mother from an unnamed school spoke out against dinosaurs and called them a "bad example" for growing children. The mother said in a Mumsnet post that, "side from the educational, aspect dinosaurs are a very bad example for children". She claimed that another student at...





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3 weeks ago
RT @Drdannyh: @LanellMchaney @fakefossils It's not the degee that does it. In fact a fairly basic knowledge of biology will do. The key is…
3 weeks ago
@xandvt hopefully we can save more parents from this insidious trap by offering solid reasons to say 'No'. Community active on FB 😚
3 weeks ago
Important distinction being made between real fossils and 'dinosaurs'
1 month ago
@LanellMchaney No worries. But understand dinosaurs are nothing to do with evolution. They are a separate invention generated during the Barnum heyday of the 19th Century that have spawned a massive industry based on fraud. Like Santa only more pervasive & sinister. Visit our facebook for more
2 months ago
Last chance to get your proposals in for this conference! #CfP