Ban them from school books: Christian groups says dinosaurs a lie

Dinosaurs makes kids "bestiality-minded"The mom, who identifies herself as CADministry, posted a strongly worded diatribe about dinosaurs and the harm they do children, her kids included, on a site called It's not only been viewed by people in a number of countries, it's...

CHRISTIANS AGAINST DINOSAURS!? Christian Group Wants Terrible Lizards Removed From Curriculum | Inquisitr

Christians Against Dinosaurs is a group which wants dinosaurs removed from the school curriculum because they believe the existence of the terrible lizards is a lie. One parent, who simply goes by the alias CADministry, started the movement on a parenting site and it’s...

The great dinosaur scam: Christian mother launches Mumsnet tirade | Christian Today

A megalosaurus in London's Chrystal Palace Park. Christians Against Dinosaurs believes they never existed.A Christian mother whose diatribe against dinosaurs attracted thousands of comments on the Mumsnet website has been banned from the site, according to the Huffington Post.Posting as CADministry – the initials...





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@AngelTu38458054 Of course! ⛪💕
4 weeks ago
RT @WoodinRivers: @BBCr4today has a duty to invite @fakefossils on everytime there's a splashy dinosaur paper in Nature. For balance.
1 month ago
RT @nickwashere1976: @raycomfort Read up on real science because humans and dinosaurs coexisting is a myth. Proverbs 18:15 points out that…
1 month ago
We know it's hard to come to terms with realisation that 'facts' you thought you knew were a carefully constructed deception. Support on FB