“Creatures that DID live in the prehistoric era” Episode 1

SNAILS "Creatures that DID live in the prehistoric era" I like to start with snails. Snails are fragile creatures. A change in temperature in their environment, for example, a long dry period, can easily dry them out. Snails need a moist environment. That's why you see so many snails...

A Group Of Parents Want Dinosaurs Out Of School Because They Are ‘Evil’ & A Bad Influence On Kids? | Perez Hilton

Give us a break! No, give us 230 million breaks! While the exact age of dinosaurs is up for debate, the existence of them is not… unless you're user CADministry from Mumsnet.com. This person was outraged that children are being taught about dinosaurs in school because...

Ban them from school books: Christian groups says dinosaurs a lie

Dinosaurs makes kids "bestiality-minded" The mom, who identifies herself as CADministry, posted a strongly worded diatribe about dinosaurs and the harm they do children, her kids included, on a site called mumsnet.com. It's not only been viewed by people in a number of countries, it's...





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4 weeks ago
@EricRHadley @GrandeFormaggio Like you say, I have no proof on either count. Although I do believe that accessable oil resources are inadequate to keep up with humanity's current trajectory of demand
4 weeks ago
@EricRHadley @GrandeFormaggio The entire planet has a limited mass. Oil can only be a portion of that limited mass. Therefore it is limited.
4 weeks ago
@EricRHadley @GrandeFormaggio There are a few points that you don't have right. Oil came from prehistoric animals that DID exist (as opposed to dinosaurs), which is a finite resource that WILL run out (or be beyond our means of mining before we get that far)
1 month ago
@WineAndWin @Dixie_Yankee your friend is sadly deluded. Kindy direct them our way and we can assist
1 month ago
Sorry we have been awol for a while, a shift in administrative positions meant a temporary loss of psassword. All fixed now