CHRISTIANS AGAINST DINOSAURS!? Christian Group Wants Terrible Lizards Removed From Curriculum | Inquisitr

Christians Against Dinosaurs is a group which wants dinosaurs removed from the school curriculum because they believe the existence of the terrible lizards is a lie. One parent, who simply goes by the alias CADministry, started the movement on a parenting site and it’s...

Christians Against Dinosaurs – The Latest Quackery From the Internet | ZME Science

You just know something’s up when you hear that kind of phrase. Apparently a group of concerned Christians stood up against what they believe to be the grand conspiracy of scientists: shoving dinosaurs into the world so they can make money. I’ll just let...

Christian Mom Protesting Dinosaurs, Bestiality In Schools | 2Paragraphs

"I am getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children," begins a rant by a disgruntled parent who thinks the science behind dinosaur discoveries is suspect. The post appears at the popular parenting site unhappy parent is part of a Facebook group...





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3 days ago
RT @WoodinRivers: @BBCr4today has a duty to invite @fakefossils on everytime there's a splashy dinosaur paper in Nature. For balance.
2 weeks ago
RT @nickwashere1976: @raycomfort Read up on real science because humans and dinosaurs coexisting is a myth. Proverbs 18:15 points out that…
2 weeks ago
We know it's hard to come to terms with realisation that 'facts' you thought you knew were a carefully constructed deception. Support on FB
3 weeks ago
@hotdogsforfree1 @ferd_en that's not strictly true. Humankind planted the fossils to become rich at the expense of others' gullibility. #Greed #NoDinos